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zzz... oh... ok I'm awake... no really.

k'mere... touch me... I'm electric... zzzzzzzzzzzzap!
No really, I'm feeling pretty amazing today. Yeah, I had a stupid small amount of sleep but that's irrelevant when you consider how content my heart is right now. :)

~ gray ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ b.u.m. equip T
~ txt v-neck sweater
~ dem big ass shoes
~ note the time on the picture... yuck
~ bunch of database sizing at a client site during a service window (6 am - 8 am).
~ plenty of more documentation at work (my fingers are gonna fall off)
~ it's a Survivor night...
~ for a new deal to land at the feet of a recently re-found friend.
~ a new alarm clock... I swear... that is the next thing I'm spending money on! a really fucking good alarm clock... my current alarm has recently elected to cut off the services of the snooze button... Hit the snooze button and it's DONE... it does not ring again in 9 minutes (tipping hat to gigglecam), and my sleep addled brain cannot remember this fact when I begin flailing for that snooze button.
~ to point out that today is a bit of a new day for me... pathetic as it may seem... I am even happier today than yesterday. I have some way good mojo going on in my heart and soul...

note: this morning... it was golf ball time... except the ladies had hidden it on me this time... you should have seen 'em all game for me to get about looking. (and this will only make sense to those that manage to keep up... :D)
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