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corto...wake up!

Cold... gray... rain... lots of rain.
Late... oh yeah, woke up plenty late... climbed back in bed just to spite the clock. Had a dream about work... except serraph was there... she walked in pushing a bright yellow thing with her name on it... talking about her brother...
Woke up again... 8:11. um... Geo’s bus comes at 8:15... yup, I’m late.

~ black ftls
~ beige p-z jeans
~ white company T
~ p-z long sleeve (my coworkers say the red sleeves look like I just walked down a freshly painted, red, narrow corridor)
~ eventually getting to work... it's 9:17, and I'm stuck in some killer traffic tie up, typing one handed, waiting to inch up on whatever the hang up is... (oh I see fire trucks now... oyi it's bad)
[flash forward 30 minutes]
~ god. As our cars inched past, nothing could compete for eye time with the car seats (baby) broken and laying beside the crunched car that had firemen hanging out of four doors... I am completely deflated. I know it’s nothing I can do anything about but I couldn’t "not see" the seats... it just kills me to have to process the neurons that run the range of possibilities... I want to hug my kids right fucking now... shit.
~ another day of really goofy volumes of work ... still writing proposals, documenting the stress client and trying to solve an internal problem with the "BorgCube" (a solaris box)
~ oh, and the cam thing... so yesterday it would have helped if I put a link to my actual cam versus a broken link... (slaps forehead)
~ I could fix something with a "lost lj friend"... not sure if I can, but I’m feeling like it’s worth a shot.
~ I had a coffee... um... wait... I’ll be right back.
~ ok, I have a coffee now... I even have some deep fried fat... er, I mean, a donut.
~ to send out some nice warm vibes to my friend movingforward... just ‘cause.
~ that my universe unfolds in such a way that I will, someday, meet stephiechai... of course that would also mean I get to travel around to the other side of the planet... yeah. :D
~ that all is well and safe with my friend ly... who in my thoughts daily.

Before the big bummer on the highway... I was singing along with Tom Petty in the car... doing the most horrific nasal voice thing... it was fun.

Ok... I’ve a tonne (that’s the Canadian "ton" btw) to get done today... so see ya muchachos et muchachas...
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