Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

lj birthday baby...

Happy Birthday Amy

It's jaggedpill's birthday... she can drink in the sunny sovereign state of California.... (~ grin)

As long as I have known kristylicious, I've had the good fortune of knowing Amy... ("knowing" in the Lj sense of the word) and I have so many great memories from this simple association that I can only imagine what a treat it must be to know her in the real world.

I will always remember the experiences she elected to share of her journey through boys and careers. I can't read the word "fireman" without thinking of Amy and I have an unbelievable respect for her business savvy and irresistible charm.

Geez, and I haven't even mentioned her million watt smile!

I hope you have a wonderful year and that you get ample opportunity to light up lives, let alone rooms...

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Amy, Happy Birthday to you!!
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