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another installment...

Holy cramped.. I'm typing on the monster commute from hell here.... the roads aren't too too bad but geez... the bus is freakishly packed in tight...

Tonight's wish list: (started on the bus and finished at home after killing myself with a shovel and elevendymillion metric tones of snow.

First off: in contrast to amazon style wish lists, mine is a list of wishes I have for other people... people on my friends list... people that I am going crazy thinking about because you guys freaking rawk... I am soo in love with the vibes I get from lj.... anyways... on with the list notes:
Laciann: I sure hope they find your Christmas cards... that has got be the worst situation... you put out a wonderful effort and the postal service screws it up. My wish for you is self-evident...
Lesslyn: coworker dude: conquest conquest conquest!!! yeahhhh! sick 'em and don't look around for some little date mark'en her territory... ps. :) that's me if you get around to scanning those pictures... :( - that's me if you don't
Kellie : My bedtime wish for you is that you don't set fire to the dam cats... they'll come in handy later.
Allyn : my sincerest hopes are coming your way that there is an early return of sensation for Jodi... !!!!
Mauracelt : a hundred yellow ribbons around your oak tree baby, a hundred yellow ribbons!
Lostinlove : I hope you think of a nice prezzi for mom... what about hand crafted switch plates? You know, they replace the light switch cover with them? They're really nice and kind of a "mom" gift... unless a 40 lb'er of rye is a mom gift in your house...??? lol
Shoo : my wish for you is easy.... I wish for you to have a never-ending supply of the luck that got you through that truck deal today... woohoo! close call sugar.
Puglover : May your evenings be populated with young men buying you drinks!!! A great many Bogart movies start out with a quick drink in a safe harbour...
Capricious : I wish you all the luck in the world with the portfolio and remember to stand in a door frame during an earthquake!! Oh, and I really like the new look on your page... awesome header graphics.
Boubonstreet: I say your supervisor is a monster or a basket case... either way she could be put in a total perspective vortex for a while just to give her a clue! Ummm and about hubby... I can make excuses for his being insensitive but the whole office party, luncheon whatever, that's a toughie... why doesn't he want to be a stand up guy about you going to lunch? But, sugar, he's been your rock of ages before... maybe it's just part of the December burnout that's making things feel so crummy? However it works out, I hope you sleep well and have warm, goofy, fun, squishy dreams.

Sleep well my friends...

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