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Happy Thanks Giving Day to my fellow cannucks, and yo on the Columbo day to those friends south of the 49th. :D (oh, and just one more thing....*)

It's an amazing day here in Ottawa... oh, it's really really cold... brrrr... but the sun is shining and my world is a happy little place. :D
This is the street view outside the window of my home office...

~ black ftls
~ blue jeans and a long sleeve p-z shirt...
~ to snap a picture of my camera for rav4rosie
~ to put together a giant "mega blocks" Battle Gate dragon city thing that geo got for his b-day... well, I'll help him... (think lego)
~ to play yu-ghi-oh card games with Geo and Z...
~ to construct something with Edward out of paper, tape and straws... "Ed the Builder"
~ to sneeze another six million times... not sure what's up with that... but I'm Mr. Sneezealot lately...
~ I think Geo is going to go over to a friends house soon...
~ then it's mad turkey crazyness at around 3:30... over to my brothers ex-wives house with our whole family (including my brothers girl friend... don't ask... it's kind of amazing...) and there will be much painting of miniature pumpkins, eating and game playing. :D
~ for pictures of debby's little baby...
~ to point out how sweet it is to read sweetcarol and see how proud she is of her daughter...
~ that you would share in my giggles about what a bowl of sugar movingforward is... :D (she makes me smile a lot!)

and a very special wish
~ to say, on the occasion of this day, a very heart felt and significant thank you to my friends here in lj land... You have held my hand, kicked my ass, wiped my tears, made me laugh and brought nothing less that wonder into my eyes, my heart and my mind over this last year. You are simply remarkable in the extreme and I know that I love you. Thank you for everything.

* columbo reference... never mind...
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