Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


So the day has come... my little geo has his-self a freak'en Bay Blade.

If you don't know... just count yourself lucky and forget I ever mentioned it.

We celebrated Thanks Giving, BIL's birthday and George's b-day all at once at my MIL's house with the big family thing going on.
It was very nice... I have a really great extended family... the kids are so damn precious. Overall, I'm getting the whole I have a lot to be thankful for feeling thing...

George got a Bay Blade from his cousin. His head might explode as he sleeps... tad bit excited.
We also gave him the full-on yu-ghi-oh (sp?) card starter pack and booster packs, play mat and actual instructions!!!

(ps. Edward just walked in holding a back-scratcher and a toy looking totally awake. "I want you to go into your bed because it's ten oclock... - it's 11:30 btw -" We sent him packing... LOL)

So I'm absorbing card game rules to get ready for the game playing that is yet to come. :D

and now? Now it's time for watching the Alias tape from tonight...

see ya later

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