Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Ok, this is most definately hair cut day... one way or another I have got to get a chop before the weekend is over.

~ sweat pants, shirt and big comfy sox...
~ to clean up something...
~ to cook something...
~ and tonight? To bake the cake part of what I'll be decorating next weekend for Geo's b-day party...
~ work on my magic act... :D
~ a big honk'en happy birthday to my friend jaqlyne...
~ congratulations to my friend debby on the occasion of the birth of her new little bowl of sugar... Jarod Michael. :D

Do you ever so swamped at work that you start to become paralized with the prospect of how on earth you're going to get everything done? I definately have to start deligating some stuff... but unfortunately, everybody on my team is off on contracts... so I don't really have anyone to deligate to... blech.

On a lighter note... do I have your snail mail address from last christmas? I know it's miles away but ... well if I don't have it and if you don't mind me sending all y'all** a christmas card, then shoot me your addi at :D

** that's my texas moment in honour of my texas pals ...

mmk... time to go clean something... see ya. :D

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