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morn'en lj

cold hands... needs warming...

~ black ftls
~ fancy spancy sox
~ pail green kinda beigish "trousers" haha...
~ black golf shirt with my TXT v-neck sweater... it has beige, dk blue and this gold stripe.... k... somehow this works. I dunno though.
~ have to go do a big presentation this'saft....
~ have to work on a diagram for the presentation...
~ more documentation... well, the same documentation, because I didn't get any done yesterday. :D
~ West Wing... I think there's a new one on tonight. :D
~ I had several move "the magic treehouse" books from the series...
George Reads them to me... well some of it and I read the rest back at bedtime and they're great reads. :D
~ that my vacation account fills up magically in anticipation of a possible journey to a "camp" next fall... :)
~ people that read me but aren't on my list and never say booooo would ... you know... say booo...
~ that the stars get together and lend some spiritual support to my darl'en friend khisanth (hug hug hug hug!!!)
~ It's snowing in Estonia... no, that's not a wish... but ya know... oh and dig this... click here to hear my friend Meaghan (dallandra)... She's from TO but going to school in Estonia...

In anticipation of tomorrow nights episode of Survivor... pleases let it be known that there are some very simple truths in the world. If you are a "she" and you are suggling yo ass up against me in a nighti-night snuggle spoon thang.... there is no chance in hell that the night stick will not give you a little snuggle back. It's just the way things work.
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