Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

A Game.

whatsyourstory popped into my journal with a wonderful game of tag... so I ran up my "friendsfriends" and picked;

rising_ophelia... so she's it now.

Yes, so I received a comment from a person
I've never heard of before and it included a
nice comment on a post I had made,
as well as the following block of text;

The rules are simple:
1) go to your friendsfriends list (
2) pick the first person listed that is not on your own friends list
3) Reply to one of their more recent posts in a typical manner for your comments and then paste the LJ Friends Tag rules at the end of the comment
4) Post in your journal that they're "it"

It reminded me of the good ol'days in Lj when the Stats Page used to list the "five most recently created journals"... I would press a few friends into service and we would go and make nice welcome to Lj posts to the newest journalers... it was quite fun and several of my longest lasting and bestest friends in LJ were friends I made doing just that... :D

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