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bah!! busy busy me... work work work... geez... ya'd think they were paying me.... oh wait... never mind.

um... what's a "honey badger"?? Z and I were logged into Yahoo games last night playing Grafitti (fun game btw)
and I made some off hand comment to someone that had dropped the ball and holy crap did she ever ... um.. not like that...
She suggested that I suck the butt of a honey badger... now I asked her what a honey badger was, 'cause under most
circumstances "sucking a butt" does not necessarily sound exceptionally appealing... but she never really explained... (lol).
Now after the fact it occured to us that I should have asked her if she could quick like a bunny, run and
check with her "father/brother/uncle - insert banjo music here..." on a good description of what honey badger was... but
alas, hind sight is soooo much more crystal... isn't it. :D

~ er.. pic pic... black.
~ beige p-z jean...
~ orange stripe shirt and nice warm sweater...
~ well, a two and half hour meeting first thing this morning... that's done.
~ writing ... plenty of documentation and geek crap on my plate.
~ try to watch a dvd tonight (Pitch Black)
~ another "ooops I'm late" birthday wish going out to the queen of sextips... Happy Birthday carriegurl and I hope you have a fantastic winter (a time to shine with that snow board!!!)
~ that the fantastic vibe I see crawling around my friends list just keeps on gaining speed... no really, there is so many great things happening with my friends... wohoo... :D
~ I had another chedder cheese bagel to munch on...

mmmk... I need office buddies today... time to go load up some giggles and some sparkles...

oh, and doesn't this just look like a blast!!!! a real family affair... well sorta :D

(click it... go 'head)

Have a great day yo!
(L8ER SK8ers)
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