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Ok... so I'm forty now... when I was 17 I went to Amsterdam... hung with my brother for a little while. He was running a hostel there for a few years,... (stories are voluminous, btw).

While I was there... I took a tripod, a hand held light meter (gossen luna 6 :D), and a 35 mm camera with several rolls of ectachrome slide film to the Van Goth museum... (no flashes allowed) and snapped a picture of EVERY SINGLE DISPLAYED PIECE OF ART. I brought it home... handed it to my art teacher and asked her to pass me for the year even though I spent the rest of the year in the smoking area (we had those in those days). She passed me with an A.

Same year, my gym teacher (Mr. Henderson) was responsible for a broken leg I suffered in his gym class... long story... but I went to him (on crutches no less) and told him I wanted an A but I would be spending the rest of the year in the smoking area, and I wouldn't tell my parents about his mistake. Got an A in phys-ed.

Now back to the "I'm forty" part... She (Art Teacher - Mrs. Davies) went on to use that slide show as a component of the grade 11 art curriculum, until she retired and then handed it on... it's still used (although at another high school) in Nepean (sister city to Ottawa) (Confederation High School actually).

That's a 23 year old slide set still in regular use... gotta love that.
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