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Ok it's fall and I am an old fuck...
er.. well, I feel like one.
When the weather changes my knees start acting up... grrrrr.. ouch ouch ...

~ black ftls...
~ beige p-z jeans
~ maroon t (but y'll never see it 'cause I'm wearing a...)
~ big comfy turtleneck warm blue deal... brrrrr it's chilli in the morning.
~ live through monday... begging the gods for no failures at the stress-client site.
~ writing a freaking book about the adventures of the last three weeks at the client site... (documentation hell)
~ rewrite a backup script and document that too....
~ leave work early and drive to the Corel Center and get my camera (left in the box at the game on friday night)
~ I had some groovy links to cool desktop themes (active?) for windows XP.
~ belated birthday wishes to my friend espositarita... I hope you had a wonderful day... (well, ok... how about a wonderful year!)
~ although she wont see this... I hope my most-precious friend kimberly27616 is having a blast on her honeymoon cruise of the Caribbean.

(warning... this next bit may make absolutely no sense what-so-ever)

My nephew (11?) is into magic cards... (MTG)... so I whipped out our cargo-container full of cards last night, brought to my folks house for this big family dinner thing and made up a deck so he and I could play a game. He was kinda all stunned looking through our cards... you could just see that far away dreamy thing going on in his face. He didn't know about playing "ante" games, where you cut each others deck and put the top card aside as the reward for the winner. snicker... no! I didn't take his card... in fact, I managed to through the game at a pivotal point and let him win by an amazingly narrow margin. I also cheated by slipping a really cool uncommon artifact card into the ante so he got a cool card.

I give good uncle. :D
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