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Kids are stuffed with pancakes... a rental Mickey Mouse movie is playing and I'm starting to look for likely patterns for this years pumpkin carving extravaganza... Spider Man is definitely in the mix...

Listen... yesterday was an amazing day for several great reasons... and right up there with the best of them was the wonderful outpouring of well wishing from my friends... you guys are just the greatest... I am so proud of our friendships. :D

~ just sweat pants and a sweat shirt... "pull'em on" clothes when yer half dead and the kids are bonking you on the head to get up!
~ oh... lets see... shower... be a lazy bastard... yup that’s me.
~ having a birthday dinner at my folks house tonight for my brother... he's a good man... and a good dad... !! :D
~ to watch Alias tonight... gotta love that show... we watch her clothes for plot hints... when she has killer spikes on, and something slinky, you just know some dude with a pony tail is about to get an ass kicking. :D
~ to remind the universe that there are more adorable and wonderful qualities, let alone simple superficial cute as hell good looks, wrapped around lizvangMiss Vang... (I just felt like saying that... s'all.)
~ to say a quiet little prayer and send just buckets of loving care to my friend teaser... you were such a sweet heart to that little bundle of fur.
~ I could get the image of incarnation trying to get out of her car but being stuck 'cause her hair is all closed up in the sunroof out of my mind.
~ to scream about ginormous congratulatory back slaps, hand shakes, kisses and hugs to a long long long time lj friend twilightsm. She's engaged!!! What an amazing story she has been over the two years?? I am so very happy for her. :D
~ and a last little wish for my sweet friend starlazdaze... if you are (head over heals, that is) then remember to tuck when you tumble and bounce when you land... and let yourself have a blast! I'm smiling for you sweetie... big smiles.

I said this yesterday to a friend... I'm looking at it and really feeling like its something to carve in stone somewhere;

"I have a good sense of purpose and accomplishment lately. This is the stuff of life I sometimes think."
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