Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Well I left my digital camera in our box tonight... I forgot to take pictures and I forgot the camera...
I'll get it monday (hopes).

George enjoyed the hockey game huge... a coworker brought his 4 year old son and they played all through the game...
He was plenty excited by the way the stadium reacted to our goals... all the noise, lights and music... (um, we won 5 - 1 against TamponBay)
Geo gorged himself on chicken fingers, veggies, bbq potato chips, skittles and ginger ale. :D bing bing bing bing bing...
However, he crashed to total zonk about 10 minutes after getting home...

Most of the rest of the evening was spent sorting and TRANSPORTING boxes of crap from our basement and turning it all into "the 1 $ box" or "the 0.25$" box etc... we have kids bunk beds, head boards, strollers, car seats... shucks... you name it and it's out there... plus about 8 HUGE ASS bins of toys... I want to put a huge box of little toys together and take 'em over to the clinic... for the "kids play area" ... some fresh stock... You know, like bringing magazines to the dentist office... Any ways... it's garage sale hell here... our street is supposed to have a "street wide garage sale" tomorrow... we'll see..

(just 'cause I came across this when rooting through stuff...)

So today has been a busy as hell day... oh, and tonight it's all about zillion mph winds and the rain has started... the little edge of Lili or whatever the storm's name is... it'll prol'y be just freaking pouring in the morning... it poured last time we tried to have a garage sale...

My back is getting better... but it still keeps spazam'ing when I hicup or cough or whatever.. .(please please do not sneeze).

... and it's late... I gotta get to bed ... see ya.

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