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04:00 pm (a post from my hand held… earlier today)
shitshitshitshitshitshitshit... I am in the boon docks of the city... this frigging warehouse that the gov leased and turned into a CCRA office environment... no kidding, its a warehouse... every now and then a ceiling tile is missing... you look up there and see that its about 50 feet to the actual roof!!! the walls are drywalled over garage bay doors! Any ways, I'm here and 'here' is way off the beaten track and I have no hope in hell of catching a cab - I can't even get through on the phone lines... people are such losers... taking cabs like 1 city block because they cannot conceive of walking in the snow... losers!!!!!

So they (my clients) were only marginally enthralled with the presentation - and no, I didn't talk about sex and pain... - Now I have to make a bunch of mods to the totally groovy 'reporting web site' I made for them...

Any ways… I gotta go solicit a lift from someone…

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