Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Someones jonesing for me to get to a meeting... so I gotta split...

~ black ftls
~ gray/blue gray dress pants...
~ fancy spancy sox
~ gray T and a 50 lb sweater... well, maybe not so much but it's a big comfy sweater...
~ It's Survivor night!!
~ user group (*ITIL) right now... gotta hurry... for the morning
~ client site to set up test data for load testing... all afternoon... sniff...
~ trying to get a screen cap from Raekoja plats.... (estonia) but the "live video" part won't display... all I get is refreshes of 15:27 !!!!!!
~ my lower back was not in horrific agony... I can hardly move... must have slept wrong or sum'thin

Meaghan! You need to check that web site for me and see what's what with the video feed... and maybe ... just maybe we can work it out for tomorrow. (oh... edit... i'm getting 5min refreshes... :D I might have got ya...)

It's all about love muchachos et muchachas...
anyone say "I love you" to you lately?
well listen... you know I do right... I love you and I know I'm lucky as all get out to have the chance.
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