Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


I'm on the phone with "aeroplan internet redemption".... sounds like a religious organization to me...
must be the redemption part... shhhhh we're talking in code! Locator number please...
"I have to pay how much in airport fees and taxes? sheeeesh!"

Oh ok... that's done... looks like we're going to Florida with the boys in late February... :)

On another note;
I bit my tongue and stood in line
with not much to believe in
I bought into what I was sold
and ended up with nothing


~ black ftls
~ comfy thick sox (sock comfort is a big thing in my world)
~ beige p-z jeans
~ white T and the new long sleeve p-z top... and yea, I'm a p-z poster freak. shoot me.
~ um... seems I forgot about time sheets... fancy that....
~ several meetings with people that will look very stressed out... I'm thinking a handfull of crack (choco espresso beans) will be a big plus for me..
~ today will be busy, but not at all like yesterday... so instead of being stressed... I'm committed to goofy happy today... I vow to make people at work smile if I have to dance for them to make it happen... (nothing makes ya feel better than when you make someone else smile... go'head... try it... just smile at someone as you walk past... - see, told ya so)
~ well, that I didn't have to do timesheets...
~ that it was possible to teleport from Miami to Orlando
~ I could say this next bit without sounding like a crazy person....

You don't stop loving... not if it was real love.
I have loved and I know it was real.
I've never doubted... even when it has passed.
So then I think... about you.
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