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heyla... lj.

Well I've been slaving away all morning and I'm about to go visit my good friends at CCRA to do a quick presentation on one of my projects there... yippeeee!
I stayed away from LJ first thing today 'cause I would have gone on for pages about how much damage I wanted to do to idiot drivers on the roads today... I woke up late (big surprise!) and managed to fly out of the house in 15 minutes flat to catch the LAST bus! I stand there at the bus stop with still-wet hair stomping my feet around in little circles... I should have been "just in time" for the bus, but ... no bus... no bus... and no bus... so I start walking home ... Whoosh... the bus goes by!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Ok, so that sucks and I end up like an hour and half late for work.

Oh well... It's not like I'm late for heart surgery or anything...

OK - that's it for the normal stuff... the rest of this is corto going over the edge... k?

Had sex lately? Did you smack your lover? No, not evil, just a little pain. Seriously! Did your lover serve a little pain your way? If you are reading this and saying to yourself "Freak'en nut bar!" then I'm telling you that you are missing out on some very good stuff... Now, I'm not talking about kicking the crap out of each other or delivering bruising blows to the upper body or whatever... giminy crickets, we're talking about sex here not ultimate fighting... No, but - for example - when it's getting pretty dam close to launch time I can just go completely mental if I get just the right amount of pain... scratching or biting is usually best. Pinch yourself (I've talked about this before)... no seriously, what are you worried about? Pinch yourself somewhere (I recommend nipple - cause it's just so dam perfect for pinching) and hold the pinch ... no pain yet, of course, but increase the pressure gently... a little more... THERE right there just before you let go and curse yourself for listening to that total psycho Corto - right before it hurts too much there is a moment that makes you tense-up ... That moment IS the 'fine line between pleasure and pain' that finds it's way into songs and poetry all the time. That 'fine line' is such a total turn on that I'm telling you if you're not willing to get your lover to go for it you are going to forever miss out on something truly remarkable...

Ok, I'll stop now... sorry, I just get a little carried away sometimes... so pinch me! (hahahahaha)

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