Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


~ up, breaky with the boys...
~ lj update...
~ clean up kitchen
~ take apart kids computer...
~ get a ham roast in the oven
~ box up (for return / replacement) the CD player from their comp.
~ play nintendo with the guys...
~ wake Z...
~ play Chess with Geo
~ play outside with the boys...
~ check email and lj
~ take boys to Staples to replace CD
~ take boys on a grocery bonanza
~ home, pack away groceries
~ make and bake (still in oven) a tray of mini-cheese cakes... vanilla waffers in muffin cups and a 9" pan cheese cake
(gonna use the homemade grape jelly for toppings... :D)
Now it's time to get the veggies on for dinner...

Early dinner and off to client site...

and later? oh it'll be Alias and plenty of yummi cheesecakes...

yup... it's a zzzzzzzzzzzooooooom day!

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