Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

hmmm 7:00 pm

and all is well... although... this is directly related to the notion that it's 7:00 ON A SATURDAY NIGHT and medical students through out the land are drinking in bars, eating food, or performing physical examinations on unsuspecting people that were otherwise impressed with the handle "MedSchool" and NOT... I repeat... NOT sitting at a computer and working on this system...

System is bored and so am I... I'm gonna have to come back tomorrow when those self same students are doing the "oh my god, it's Sunday night... I better get this thing filled out" last minute thing that people who pay a bill labeled with "Tuition" are want to do!

boy this was a fun post... gaaaa... somebody shoot me.

I wonder if I can go home... :(

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