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hiya lj. Managed to actually watch something we taped. Lil miss alba - the remarkably unattractive and nauseating heroin of Dark Angle. Would that I should be surrounded by such homeliness throughout the day... all the time... constantly. :)

So listen, I've been having this great day... bit lazy, between amazon bouts of "outdoorsman corto" killing snow, yup stopp'en it in it's tracks.

Sorta stayed home from work (snow day!), worked a bit. Got caught up on some journals... holy crap theres a lot to read... You know how I've been commenting that lj is like a living novel... well it's funny but the more you read the LJ Novel the longer it gets...

idle alice - oh biter of razors...
I am so sure it's allison but not sure enough so i copp'ed at starting with just allison...
One of these dayz I am going to figure you out.
You are this totally cool lil'counter culture date.
You have an amazing capacity to demonstrate compassion... you may not even realize it, but you're friends - your RW friends - have it good, better than they know.
You're a natural design talent - it shows in a lot of the things you do with art, and style.
And then theres the pissed-off-alice... woah... gee try to loosen up a bit and see if you can express yourself more clearly :)
The melancholy ali - all that tough wears away pretty quick when this one of you shows up.

A night time wish list:
idle alice : no pain, no panic, visits from friends that don't smoke pot in enclosed spaces!!! lots to do, and time enough to write about it. I wish for good things to land on sixtyten.

Only one entry on the wish list tonight... Either I'm too sleepy and zebra's calling me or I'm shamelessly putting alice in the spotlight...

Good night LJ... I'm hoping tomorrow is as good as today...

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