Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Ok... first of all, I'm getting lj replies in my mail box from this morning... huh? it's like there's this weird intermittant delay on things...

second of all... Edward... I just finished the washing portion of the kids baths... Edward has more muscles in his ass cheeks than most people have on their whole bodies... when I try to wash his little tiny twin-loafs-of-bread ... well you'd think he was a menanite on his first visit to San Francisco!!

I shot a volly across the bow of a long lost ship today... but thats random...

Oh shit! I just remembered that I'm not supposed to be here... I'm ... we're supposed to be at my brothers b-day party ... fuck... ack... hmmm must now begin to consider my possible reasons... "I forgot" kinda sucks...

See ya later.
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