Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


~ spaghetti... when I spoon a big blob of noodles onto the pasta bowl, I like to put a slice of evil processed cheese (velveta is best) ontop before I spoon on the homemade delicious spag-sauce.

~ I took the boys to a big football field behind the new high school after dinner to fly the "air hog"... this is fantastic fun, btw, and a good run-around-a-lot way to kill an hour with the boys... :D

~ gonna work on some video stuff tonight...

~ I got one of these on the weekend... it's so freaking much better than the hitachi piece of crap that I cannot believe I suffered with the hitachi for so long!! (sony makes wonderful toys...)

~ it's time to go read bedtime stories to Geo... well, he reads one short story, we look and find stuff in an eye-spy book then I read a chapter of whatever is on deck... we're starting a new book tonight... we've put the Harry Potter book four aside... we're pretty sure these books are the stuff of nightmares... so it's time for something a bit more lighthearted... :)

See ya later lj.

ps. geez, today has been a really great day. :D

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