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BB3 Update!!

BB3 Update: The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Black Chicks

After all this time... but I'll wait till below the cut tag. Tonight was the second to last show... and it was all about finishing the three-part Head Girl competition and making the final cut.

Let it widely known that I have a quarter burning a hole in my pocket ready to give to the first person that will kindly tie Julie Chen down and ram several orders of French-fries down her throat... anything... just please act now before freaking turns inside out.

In Brief
Jason is an idiot... I mean, he may be loveable and all but ... utterly useless. First he lets go of the key by accident and then he lets pathetic humility keep him from winning the last round and ends up fried... putting Lisa up against Danielle and this definitely does not make it a good-to-go for Dani getting the fist full of dollars.

Some details?
The Game:
So they're sitting in the little boats... BB is showering them with cold water and blowing big ass fans on them and yo! they looked very cold. Dani's lip is doing the 60 mph shiver and Lisa (in the Idiot Room) is commenting that she thought the lip thing was for show... fake.. ar ar ar.... And I'm telling ya... Lisa looked like nothing in the universe was going to move her hand. Calm like Cucumber!!

The rain lets up but when it starts up again... OMG Jason lets go of the key to grab at his hat... Dolt... Tard... after all of Dani's crafty little plots he blows the wad... and no, not that "wad". The money was his to take if he stayed in for the final two but wait... this is only round one of the three-part HoH.

After several hours in the boats, Lisa puts it on the table... and calls Dani on her deal with Jason. Dani will not... does not... fess up. But she's weak and does go so far as to "refuse to say" hence validating Lisa's suspicions... and Dani answers "Dani do you have a deal for the final two with Jason?" with "I don't know what he's going to do, so you better hang on girl."... sheesh... talk about giving away the farm after you've practically paid for it with your soul.

So Lisa wins part one. She advances on to the final. Now Jay and Dani have to do this timed deal that includes running around the house and performing these little tasks.. wash a towel, organize the pictures in evicted-order, organize medallions in order of who won POV... etc.

Note: this is stuff that Lisa is really good at so I'm betting that she would have beat who ever she was up against if she had lost the little-boat game. Dani's heart is not in it... she is very seriously broken up about her deal with Lisa and selling Jay down the river. Jay wins.

Part three is Lisa versus Jay in a thinking game... and this puts Jay out before it even starts... again, stuff Lisa is good at. They are given quotes from the evictee's and asked who they were referring to... (i.e) "Roddy says someone is soul-less. Who is he talking about?" (Dani). The thing is, many of the questions are complimentary and Jay-idiot-virgin-boy cannot bring himself to say "Oh they meant me.." while Lisa knows that he was well loved ... so he loses terribly and it's now THE LISA SHOW.

Then the ultimate cave in takes place.
Dani is cold... and she is weakening... she asks Lisa for a deal. "Will you promise to keep me?" and that's the end of part one... Dani lets go and we get an Idiot Room moment of her confessing that all bets are off "I want the money."

Fav Quote that didn't happen
They (BB) interview the ex-house-mats in a little montage... we get a moment with Chiara saying her fav memory of the house was her relationship with Roddy. I was hoping Julie would say "What? You're fav memory isn't of laying on the lazy-susan with your legs in the sky spinning around giving everyone a serious beaver shot in your jeans?" (you tramp).

Most Memorable Moment
Ok, this is kinda cheesy, but, truth be told, the absolutely "most memorable moment" for me in this show was watching Lisa walk back to the table after Jason walks out the door. I was kinda taken with how amazing her figure is... very long legs, great ass and hair. She's been a trailer girl, and a bit of a hoe biscuit but ya gotta admit... she is exactly who they designed low riding tight fitting stretch jeans for.

Best bit from the Live Feed Transcripts
nope... I refused to read the LF's 'cause I wanted to be surprised... :D

Man... Dani has lost the cash... she just really had no chance for the cash as of the moment she told Jason to evict Amy. It was over for her right there.

Stick Girl asks Dani and Jay to say a few words and Jay says some shit that really says they have all agreed to the outcome of this so there is no surprise for the house-mats here. When put to the vote, Lisa asks Jason to leave the house. She crys... but not as hard as Dani... (and then we get the amazing lisa jeans image). :D

Well somehow, I'm thinking Mr. Virtue was not at all concerned about losing the cash. He still, foolishly, thinks Dani is going to win. He did not stammer in his talking with Julie or cry so he was calm.

Ok... so this is it.
Wednesday is Jury night.

I think it is marginally possible that there will be a tie and hence go to the public phone calls for the voting... and I'll bet - if it comes to that - Dani will win. But this is very iffy... it totally depends on Marcellas voting for Dani and he may have a hate on for her...

My take on the jury?

Voting for Lisa:

Voting for Dani:

this leaves it up to Marcellas to cast the tie or wining vote.
I'm pretty sure Lisa is going to be Money Girl
(and that's gotta be good for Eric, seeing as the Fire Man is, er... not working.)

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