Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Just re-attaching my head... lol.

Don't mind me... I'm not really awake yet.

~ house coat... ta da...
~ shower...
~ actual clothes...
~ finishing up a BB3 update (Yes bloo I'm writing it up...)
~ to go to a sterio shop and deal with the fact that my DVD player is freaking toast... just dead... bastard.
~ a later but none-the-less heart felt Happy Birthday Sophi to my friend moonmama. I hope this is a wonderful year for you sugar.
~ I get time to write an introspective post later today about friends lists and stuff... gotta get some cob webs cleared up.

Ok... so I have this car problem... you see... well, You know that cookie sheet that's attached to buttom of th car? The one with the big nuts holding it on? Yeah, that one... a couple of the nuts must have fallen out and now, when I give'er with the gas peddle, that darn cookie sheet just starts to make this awful rattling sound... then it goes away... but comes back again. I mean why do they have to put cookie sheets under cars anyways?

er... well, that's what it sounds like ...

I spent a few minutes clicking "random" last night ... um, random journals... it was interesting...
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