Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Yeah, it's my own fault... staying up way way too late... but then again... I'll die one day too.
We watched Panic Room last night... I was a little disappointed by the completeness or lack there of at the ending but it was fun to watch...
and.. well, Jodi Foster... "shave her and bring her to my tent" pops to mind. I kept yelling at the tv... well, not yelling but you know... quite suspenseful. It was a good rental!!

~ wake up clothes... sweat pants etc.
~ nadda... er... well I have some stuff to do with George for his homework
~ but otherwise... a planless day.
~ I was asleep actually...
~ that Andrea gets to use that umbrella like a club...
~ and welcome to your own world now arlyn... are you ok sugar?

It's kind of hot and muggy today... but it's been trying to have a rain storm all night... (with no luck)... sheesh... It would sure cool things down.

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