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Hi again. I having a remarkably good time of things lately... (except Hotmail!!!) Oh, and I want to look up something an lj friend (evil) mentioned about a new fox (who else!) tv show about "temptation island" - put happy couple on an island with single people just to try and break up the couples... If this is a multi show event... as in one set of couples and singles for like a dozen shows... yum! this could be an outstanding show purely for the "diss'en" opportunities it brings to the table. Just imagine, people to hate outright, others to feel sorry for, others to cheer on in their mindless pursuits... sounds great. I am soo far beyond worrying about the people on those shows... "Ahhh, how can they do that to that poor lady... " etc. bah! The people that go on these shows are so completely knowledgeable about what they are getting into it's pathetic. Oh and I read a thing that said the next "survivor" show was set up to the final " tribal council" does not divulge the actual name of the winner until the television show airs!!! I'm guessing that even though the whole BB thing kinda wore me out on reality (sic) television, I'm prol'y gonna be right there watching SII... and having a blast typing up episode / character assassinations... :)

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