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BB3 Update!!

BB3 Update: Scuse me, There's Pee in the Loser Lounge

Oh it's painful now... It's "three to go" time. Tonight was all about filling time with little vid moments and tossing one of the chicks. Typical BB editing is in full swing and Stick Girl, who was dressed in a black top with black spandex pants looked like a Bangkok Hooker.

Besides... Survivor started tonight.

In Brief
Amy solidifies her place in the Vacant Brain Hall Of Fame at precisely the same time that Dani ensures her induction into the Temple of Scary Manipulative Black Women. "Does Jay have a dark side? Hell Yeah... I AM HIS DARK SIDE."
Oh and they evict Amy.
(I'll bet the Dani and Jay were just too embarrassed to keep Amy...)

Some details?
Tonight’s show was all about putting us in the right mood to watch Jason deliver the only vote live and in colour between Lisa and Amy. And we all know how that works... BB leads us down the garden path with all this talk of Jay seeing the light about Lisa having plenty of votes on the jury and then BAM ... Out walks Amy. Then they turn on the Stick Girl Charm to begin a hard core "endurance" Head Girl/Boy competition. I know I can check the LF's to see who wins but I'm not going to...

Fav Quote
Killing time with the jury... Roddy? "I did noth'en to her!" about Dani and the big ass hate he has on for her. He's seen the tapes and he still doesn't have a clue. What a tool.

Dani: "I love Lisa, but we're gonna have ta'take her out." We see her say this to Jason in typical BB misdirection editing...

"There are no alliances in this house..." Miss Congeniality had not clue throughout!! Utterly vacuous to the end. Still damn cute in shades, but just not all there.

Most Memorable Moment
When Amy is sitting in the Loser Lounge with the every strange looking Stick Girl, our Hostest-with-the-leastest hands Amy a whole box of tissues... reminding us once again just how undeserving Marcellas is... (she had no tissue for his sorry ass when he got tossed).

Well it just goes to show ya... I mean, sure... Dani had a deal in place to keep Lisa and the virgin for the final three and Yes, Jason does what he is told... and although the Editors misdirected us, we all know Dani gave Jay the word to keep Lisa. But hells-bells boys and girls... there is no fucking way in hell that Lisa's ongoing presentation of her Ass to Jay didn't play a role... If I didn't know better, I'd say she blew all his dials in the bathroom... which he has no doubt dreamt of several times...

Amy is just a cut above that dog of hers... which, btw, was on hand in the Loser Lounge ... and - of course - pee'ed everywhere at the sight of Amy. You know that farside joke about a master talking to his dog... and all the dog hears is "Blah Blah Blah Fido... blah Blah Blah bone..." well Amy is mostly like that... She had no idea there was any kind of alliance going on with any of the final four... hence her exclusion from the final three.

Well, Julie ... Stick Girl... laughs like a truck driver... (really... it was scary) so maybe she has a little testosterone... otherwise... well there's Jason.

He has been - I have to say - pretty good on the "delivering bad news" jobs that Dani has saddled him with all season. But then again, the dirtiest warriors of all time have been those damn Crusaders...

It's all about the HOH competition now... BB set up a big above-ground pool in the back yard and positioned a "nomination box" in the middle (above water lever). In the pool were three little teeny inflatable boats... Each house-mat had to get in their boat with their "house key" and paddle to the middle, insert their key and hold on to it. Last one holding their key wins this... and this is only "round one" of a three part HoH game.

If Lisa wins HoH, she will evict Jason and win the money herself because no one will pick Dani over Lisa.

If Jason wins HoH he will evict Lisa and he will win maybe win the money...

If Dani wins HoH... she will evict Lisa and Jason will win the money.

Lisa has got to win HoH. (and she knows it)

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