Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Me, my cam and a cup of coffee are using a few min's to make some updates to the web site and catching up on a few friends... :D

(I practically od'ed on the potential for material to diss on S5 tonight... :D)

In what seems to be an evil pattern now, I'm expecting tomorrow to be killer busy.

hey... driving tip!~

Try leaning into the passenger seat from your drivers seat and looking from there out at the passenger side mirror.
From that position, adjust it to show the default view backwards along the side of the car just as you would if you were normally adjusting it from the drivers seat.
Now sit back into the drivers seat and look at that mirror.
It is perfectly reflecting the official "blind spot" in most cars... 'specially in mini-vans.
It's easy to get used to leaving it like that... and man does it pay off.
Try it.

Later skaters...
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