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BB3 Update!!!

BB3 Update: A Boy and His Bitches

Well Jason is finally starting to get a clue.... let alone becoming the object of serious cock teasing - Just call him Morning Wood Man! Everybody surfs, Amy discovers how to toss her cookies off a boat, and the gang leans how to eat ribs. We're definitely winding down in the BB house. Just about time for some last minute back-stabbing.

In Brief
It's kind of a non-show show... the veto stuff is done so it's time for a game and a luxury reward. Jason finally starts to realize that there's half naked women in the house with him, and Lisa gets to chit chat with the net community.

Some details?
Jason's comments speak to the notion that he's finally seeing the issue of keeping Amy over Lisa because Lisa has so many (too many) votes on the jury. They all pig out on Southern BB-Q except Lisa who has (omg) never enjoyed ribs before.

The Game:
BB sets up this inflated kids bouncy thing in the back yard with some palm trees and this mechanical surf board (think mechanical Bull that you stand on... sorta like riding the bus to high school but standing in the isle vs. sittin on the chairs).
Everybody does very well actually except Lisa because they tell them the reward is an afternoon cruise on the ocean in a luxury yatch and she knows she gets sea sick so doesn't bother to really try.
Amy and Jason pull off the best times on the surf board so they get the prize... they get blindfolded limo rides to the docks and board a nice 45 ft yatch and go for a sale. Now, digging the concept of how closed-in they have been for all this time and going from that to the OCEAN must be pretty cool... except Amy gets sea sick and goes for the boat edge... while Jason, like a boy at a high school party, is holding her hair while she barfs. :D How sweet.

Fav Quote
Lisa: "I've never had ribs before" (look down, ya rake)
Danielle: "What planet are you from?"

Danielle: "He may be a virgin, he may be a born-again-christian, but he is still a man!" (as the single girls begin the hard core torment of the boy without any visible signs of a penis)

Little Horney Boy Jason, the "Last American Virgin" after talking at length about how delicious Lisa looks, comments "But NOTHING will ever come of it... because... You've seen Eric!" (and the video snaps to several Large-Boy Eric moments)

Amy, actually meaning this; "I thing we're making the South look good." Yup, the virgin and the lush are making the South look great!

Amy on the lizards... while she's busy making the "south look good" comments; "the only way you're getting out [of the terrarium] is if I throw you in a pan and fry you, and serve you for dinna. I hate them!"

Most Memorable Moment
Definitely... watching Jason hold Amy's hair while she's barfing over the edge of a sale boat.

Best bit from the Live Feed Transcripts
The girls are working on Jason. Lisa comes back from the Internet Chat reward and the kids all have this foam board things with reproductions of some of the web sites setup as "fan sites" and well, their ego's are all exploding.
Now it's all about putting on a show for the "internet" which, fortunately for him, includes a great deal of posing with Jason trying to torment his weakening virginity. Lisa and Amy actually do this whole "Kiss Jason" thing that includes much pouty bottom lips and the girls dressing in his boxer shorts and T-shirt waiting for him in his bed... yeah, you read that right... and guess what? He doesn’t jump them. Surprise.

Well Dani is still running the show... and see’s everything that happens with Jason as a "we" thing but she did comment "I love my boy Jason, but you never know..." like she would maybe fry him at the end? (very doubtful... her kids would throttle her if she did that.) Dani does manage to do a nice impersonation of Amy when she and Lisa are bumming ‘cause Amy and Jay are away on the cruise... lots of thrusting out her chest and sticking her ass out... the girls think Amy is a bit of a CT... um... well d’uh. When Dani comments that Amy is Jason’s type, Lisa comes back with ... "yea, southern bell and da da da..." kinda flippant like. :D

Lisa is kinda over the moon... she can’t help doing the hoe biscuit thing I think its in her trailer park brain so Jason is getting an eyeful but at the end of the America’s Choice thing (the internet chat) one of the chatters says he is Eric and asks if he should be there to get her when she gets tossed off the show. She goes mental with glee over this... all the while I’m thinking some random guy in Minnesota is killing himself for calling himself Eric (although, it prol’y was Eric... - kinda cute for a firefighter that just got fired!). Oh, and she (lisa) tries to eat Southern BBQ with a knife and fork. Poor sheltered trailer girl.

Amy "I think this dress makes me look flat chested??" Um... Amy you’re going on a cruise with virgin boy... and you’re worried about how big your boobs look? I dunno... she’s still just wandering through this game with the kind of luck that only an ass loaded with horse-shoes can bring you.

Hmm... Jason seemed to have wood for a while there. Perhaps there's a penis in there after all. He comments to Lisa on how Beautiful she is in the morning. She is blown away by this... feeling just wonderful. Then, while he's on the boat, we see him calling a bunch of seals on a buoy "beautiful"... then he calls a mess of Southern Ribs covered in gooey sauce "beautiful" and we start to get the idea that pretty well everything is beautiful to this boy-with-un-addressed-wood.
I mean, there is no way this twenty something virgin is not choking the chicken several times a week to keep his levels down and somehow I can't imagine that he's taken the time in the house to drain... so he must be in a pretty hard-up way. Morning-wood must be pure evil for this boy.

So Jason might toss Lisa this week and that leaves the winning combo up to the single event of winning a Head Boy / Head Girl competition.

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