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So tonight is the big night!!!! It's time for a new Survivor - wohoooooo...
I have to remember to re-link the survivor communities into my default view. :D

Valium... I think valium is the answer... but do I have valium? No, I have the
polar opposite... I have little balls of chocolate covering delicious espresso beans....
um... I have LOTS of these little hits of crack... and can I get any relaxation?
NAHHHH! what for when I can bounce all over the place all day. :D

~ gray ftls
~ beige point-zero jeans
~ bear claw beltbuckle belt... hey, it's an indian aritifact my ma gave me...
~ white company T and a long sleeve p-z shirt...
~ dem big ass shoes
~ fly away to a client site in mere moments...
~ print up a shit load of lj friends pages...
~ write up a BB3 update from last night...
~ watch Survivor and BB tonight... :D
~ I knew how all y'all were doing ....
~ I was even a little bit less busy today than I actually am... ga!

Ok... I wish I had more time... but I gotta get... see ya later.

Remember the poll I did here? (the "ask me anything" poll)
well, round one of the answers are here... :D

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