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We went to Rent.

The talent was amazing... the story was well rendered... but I'm not dropping for the sound track. Oh and dude shouldn't have bailed on that contract... now he's just another loser with high ideals and no means to realize them. (<-- ug, what a crank eh... :D)

Oh and did you 2 X 4's (you know, wood....) are not actually 2... nor are they 4... at all. I think its stupid actually. Kinda screws ya when you try to buy screws an'stuff.

My parents kinda rawk. My mom's been away all weekend on this painting course... some kind of artists retreat thing... so my da's at home alone. I call 'em up today at 2:00 and ask if my mom's home yet? "No, planning to be home later this aft but there's no telling... why?" and I tell 'em about the Rent idea. Without hesitation he's "Oh... well I have no plans, what time should I be over there?" go go dad... er, we all call him Papa actually. :D
When we got home he and my mom were here watching the end of Noting Hill (I liked that movie... the secondary characters are just fantastic... sorta like the characters in "4 weddings and a funeral".)

I feel a like a bit of a heal but I've read squat in lj this weekend... I miss you. :)

Ok... quick geek stuff and bedtime sooooooon!!!!

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