Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Bleet bleet...

Randomness on a Saturday afternoon;

~ George and I finished the third Harry Potter book last night... "Prisoner of Azkaban" (or something like that). :D

~ I have a VAT of chicken pieces marinating in a Thai sauce and a smaller vat in honey/garlic and another vat of ground beef done-up taco style. A million wraps (flavored flour wraps rawk!), a basket of fresh veggies all cut up and ready to bbq, grated cheese, cut tomatoes, OH OH OH ... and best of all, I forgot to mention... My mom gave this killer recipe for fresh field tomato soup (not creamy tomato soup) and Z spent the day yesterday making it... it's freaking fantastic... I'll post the recipe in Cooking later. We have 10 adults and 6 kids coming over for dinner... (shoot me now)

~ tonya is a goddess... the queen goddess in fact... better yet, she is the highest exalted oh beatific embodiment of perfection, love, desire and great taste... best of all... she knows about "the windows key and the letter L"... smoooooch x 5! (thanks sugar bits)

~ oh, and it's hot outside... :)

ps. Yup... I was spelling tomatoe until the spell checker kicked in... :D

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