Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Oh yeah... super dad to the rescue... "here, eat a pop tart and watch me drool sleep on the sofa...
well, that lasted about 15 minutes... hahaha...

~ warm sweat shirt and pants... (wery wery chilli morning)
~ a small woolen sweater over my tongue...
~ to shave my tongue...
~ ok, not.
~ shower, shave and dress...
~ although last night was a good night for another shave... did that.
~ we're having a huge dinner party tonight... all of Z's family and my dad (my moms away on a painting retreat - "step back, retreat... and paint"...
~ it's my MILs birthday dinner. We're having fahjitas (sp?)... big day of cooking and prepping stuff to handle a house full FULL of people.
~ to go to the scouts store and buy George his "beaver" uniform... My boy's gonna be a beaver... there's a joke in there somewhere.
~ that Jason, my extra precious, wanna-go-to-africa-and-meet-her friend teaser Nola's son gets better and that Nola gets some sleep!!!
~ I was in bed sleeping...
~ that things are going well for my friend ladyfire and her kidlettes...

Ok... another busy day ahead... I hope you're day goes well where ever you are...
(wow, could I be more exciting? no... not until after a shower at least)

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