Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

morn'en lj

Um? does the three picture deal screw up your browser? Why are you set at 800x600? I dunno if I can be friends with people that are set at 8x6...hahaha... ok ok, just kidding... no really... complain!!! tell me if shit like this messes with your friends page would ya!

The web site friday picture is here...

shann... you are such a smart little girl ok ok ... your a mommy and all that... but still and all...

~ it's a friday... pic pic... white, and comfy thankyouverymuch
~ it's all about blue jeans and a long sleeve txt shirt...
~ the friday butt shot is here... jeans jeans jeans...
~ to yank something out of my figurative butt for a boss... got a little something that needs finishing!!!
~ write about that marathon Big Brother episode last night...
~ on staring at my sox often as I marvel at how much my jeans "shortened" in the wash...
~ go go skirt girl... eiffelgirl... enjoy the breeze. :D
~ to send out belated happy birthday hugs and kisses to my friend ladonne!! The "bad luck birthday" curse has to have worn off by now right? So happy birthday sugar and I hope that this, your first year after the wedding is the very best for you...
~ I knew how my friend nordicgrrl's interview went???
~ to point out that dinkydo is the best!!!! (and gravity??? dude... you lucky duck!)
~ that thatthingido has a great friday... first friday at new job... first week under your belt... you go! and I'm so happy you're finding such a great zone!
~ and a big giant HOLA to alma_perdida... why? exactly why not!! she's da'bomb baybee... ;)

My heart goes out to some friends that are having a very hard time accepting one another’s differences... um... you know that's what it is right??

ps. I'm thinking I need a new icon... or two... any ideas?

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