Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


~ evening... kids finally a'bed... they're pushing our/their limits with getting up, down, up, down, up... etc.
~ bb3 is taping... :)
~ my brother is coming for a quick visit...
~ then it's bb3 time. (finally!)

~ it's a half moon... and there's a little something in the air... well, in the cyber air. Kind of a playful thing going on in dif pockets of lj.

It's kind of neat... I know I have a lot of friends and in some ways this is a bad thing but only because it's hard to keep up... and, although I get loads of comments about how shallow or whatever, having so many friends is, I think those opinions are all wet... (this is where I'd say "bite me"). What's neat about all this is the extent of the friends non-connect. I have a lot of friends that I almost have no other friends in common with... they're journal experience is completely different than yours... if you know what I mean. bah... this is too hard to explain, I hardly know what I mean... how can you? Any ways, it's kinda cool to see attitudes move across journal like one of those standing-wave things from a hockey game. Ok, I'm rambling... stop!

I think I'll go play with Premiere again for a while... see ya.
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