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Tired... struggling to not head-bonk the monitor... too WAY TOO much writing today...

To the rescue? Why the girls in the proposal center (here at work) ...
I stopped there to get a draft report and they gave me a cherry blossom.
Now, if you don't know what a cherry blossom is...
lemmi tell ya...
when you wrap your lips around it
and pull away a sweet mouth full
you reveal a creamy, oozing, dripping cherry
that is just begging for your tongue to scoop it out...
to lap it up...
Your whole being imbibes pleasure
from the moment your tongue reaches in
and wraps around the sweetness...
so sweet your teeth hurt just looking at it.

Cherry Blossom!

yeah baybeee....

Oh, and the finger icon is for baybabayba on bird-flippen day...
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