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Man... today has all the earmarks* of being a fucking great day!!!! wohoo... I just got in my toes... (uh oh... I got happy feet). And I haven't even hit the crack yet.

~ ok, look it's cold!!!!
~ gray ftls,
~ swish swish cargo pants... (which, btw, are not that warm...)
~ company t-shirt hiding under a nice warm long sleeve comfy shirt... (a la picture!)
~ dem big ass shoes.
~ well it's finally time for another BB3 episode tonight... so yea, tape'en and watchen and writing about that tonight.
~ wrapping a little package for this groovy guy (Keith) that gets to snuggle with kimberly27616 whenever he wants!!! (*lucky duck)
~ eat crack
~ write a exec summary of a proposal for some ginormous client.
~ um... cam... you know my cam's on all the time right... work rest and play, although there'll be very little dancing naked (at work! :D)
~ you could have seen me laughing when I read "otherwise i'm gonna think you're some weirdo who wants to look at my jumblies." in baybabayba's journal... (got a few stares from coworkers).
~ to send out a welcome to two new friends... Hiya Lulu ! :D and Hola to pasticcio.
~ to thank fairiedust66 for the pictures she posted yesterday... I love LOVE seeing my lj friends. :D
~ that my friend mewsnack gets to post just as much TMI as she likes!!! TMI makes this place go around sugar... hell yea!!
~ to offer my hopes and concern for sandcat's mommy ... I hope the bone marrow deal goes well sweets...
~ and to say, even though you're sure it's all gonna be good, I will say a wee little extra prayer for your hubby man laciann.
~ I had a spare sewing kit to send to Estonia... so dallandra will be well stocked up next time she needs to sew herself up!!!
~ that my precious friend canuckgirl feels better pronto!!
~ and finally that it's just great to hear you are getting the chance to go out and enjoy yourself Amy!!! (topazgrrl)

I think I would prol'y explode without being able to love so much so often and so hard... and don't make any viagra jokes... I mean that most sincerely. You guys just totally twist all my dials!!

*earmarks... don't I wish!

ps. No, really, I have happy feet... and mix that with "dem big ass shoes" and headphones at my desk... hahaha... coworkers are giving me that "shut up" look ... hahahaha... :D
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