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Hey ho, LJ land. I'm sitting at a board table on a client site trying my very best to not burst out laughing. (note: I do a lot my typing on a hand held system called a Jornada 820 - way cool tool)
Our client is being taken advantage of by a software company and I can't say anything ... oh well.

Hey listen, I've seen some cool / bizarre stuff going on LJ land. People seem to be having trouble with some things that are going on.... Personally I don't get the problem:

1. Is LJ getting too judgmental and untrustworthy? Make your journal private only and do what I thought I was going to do when I started... keep a private journal.
2. Is LJ getting too nasty (mean spirited)? Make your entries friends only and minimize your friend list to people you feel well connected with.

I mean, the day that I got a note from Lakme about how she wanted me to stop using things like "talk 2u" and "go 4 it" 'cause she would not "friend" a journal that talked like that.... Well I was going to reply with something approaching nasty, you know like "Don't friend me then... heck it's my journal." However, I elected to not say that and play nice with a new friend. It does appear that Lakme is really saying that some people go way too far with the work contractions.... and that's really hard to read. The point here is that her request 'felt' mean but under closer consideration it really is not a negative thing. I value a friendship with Lakme. I wouldn't have realized that value if I had replied with a nasty comment.

People will always have flame wars in places like this... Hey, they can be fun!!! Seriously major fun to be had there. If the fights are no fun for you... well it's like porn! Don't like it? Don't look at it.

I want my journal to be something I keep (exported) forever... If it's not here, it'll be somewhere else... and I keep it for me. The whole friend thing is an add-on to the process and I can safely say that it is one of the most valuable sources of social interaction I get over the course of a week. I have a couple of close guy friends, a few members of my family qualify as 'friends' and some work mates that I would enjoy spending some social time with and, of course, there is Zebra. But that's it. The size of the friend circle has become smaller and smaller since high school. I have made more intense interesting friendships here in LJ land over the past 6 months than I have in the real world in the last 6 years. That may be sad but, fuck'en eh, guys, I got kids, house, work and wife ... these things take up all ALL!!! my time. Thank freaking god for LJ.

I refuse to let LJ hurt me. If posts were lying about me, I would ignore them... unless fighting about it seemed like fun!! And if friends come and go... that's ok too. You know, in my earliest encounters on LJ some sweet girl that I was enjoying comments back and forth with decided I was a nut case... I was caught off-guard by that and when I asked her about it I found that I was 'banned' from posting to her journal. Ok, so much for her... click click click... and she is out of my life forever... woohoo.

I think the only real problem with LJ would be Zebra possibly feeling threatened by the relationships I establish here. I understand that and I want her to read my journal and see that everything I am involved in is pretty innocent and anything that is flirty is generally well-intended stuff. I mean, shucks, if I wanted to solicit someone for a chance to cheat on my wife... i don't think I'd do it on an internet journal that practically everybody can read.

Anyways... enough for now and sorry to drag on for so long.

Later LJ.
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