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ug... die monday die.

ok... today has been all about cleaning up the mess that the freaking gremlins made in one of our lab systems over the weekend... too busy for school... er, ok that's too cool for school... never mind. Bottom line? ICK! If it weren't for the fresh crack I dunno how I'd have managed. :D

Do you know this song? You should... it's an amazing sarcastic / caustic lament set beautifully to music and her voice just fucking kicks ass.

"If I was beautiful like you... I'd be quick to assume... they'd do anything to please me... "

Relationships here... more than anywhere else have to be built on trust. With out it... you really have almost nothing besides the superficial anonymity of a baseball cap in a crowd... Your esthetic is your only tender... plays out with ego's and icons and nothing matters.

With trust... comes the chance to love and be loved in return for the smallest bit of invested effort.

Play nice... it all works so much better that way.

You have no idea how much I care. I can love you ... because you let me. This simply cannot be a bad thing.

La8r Sk8rs.
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