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BB3 Update!!

BB3 Update: The Exorcist

You're mother sucks cocks in hell! Well, heads were spinning all-the-way-around in that little room at the top of the stairs tonight on the exorcist, er, eviction show. The Southern Lush sinks to new and astounding heights of inebriation, her parental-collective bitches about it, and Stick Girl wears the wrong clothes again.
ps. Dani is getting pretty damn cocky.

In Brief
Amy drinks too much (what else is new) and BB takes us on the typical walk towards miss-direction, showing all the house-mats looking like they were so sick and tired of Amy that they would vote her out. But no. Roddy is tossed with a resounding 3-0 vote and Amy cries piteously. Oh, and the Head-Boy competition is won by Jason (again).

Some details?
Everybody is giving Amy a hard time about drinking... um... last time I checked she was an adult and none of the house-mats were her father... so they can all drink a big cup of shut-the-fuck-up about ragging on her for being a lush. "We all meter her alcohol... we try to help." Yeah, that's Marcellas, self-appointed Amy Parent.

Julie, Stick Girl, is dressed, once again in form fitting, tailored pants and shirt... pivot pivot pivot. Now if she weighed more than 80 lbs, she might look good. She continues to try and bring out the worst in the house-mats, asking Marci to address his nom speech to Amy... or asking Roddy about how mad he is at Amy... all of this reducing Amy to tears. Nice going Julie... yer such an Ace Reporter.

Whenever she does the Head-boy interview, she starts with the default "No one can hear you, so speak freely..." I am stunned that nobody ever explodes... "Julie, you ignorant bitch... why'd you ask..." etc. Marci goes on about how disappointed in Amy he is, like she has to live up to some standard the posing, flaming flamingo has set.

We get the vote speeches watching everyone go on about how much they love Roddy (except Dani) and I guess they cut out the parts where they said "and if don't do what Dani wants she'll prol'y remove my kidneys through my arm pits." The gang votes 3-0 to remove Roddy and he is totally stunned... totally!

The head-boy competition is this deal with the house-mats all sitting in these cubicles that looked surprisingly like bathroom stalls... all that was missing was the toilet paper rolls... and asked questions about "what happened next?" after watching a moment of past video from the house. Round one, Marci and Lisa are out... then Dani is doing her X-Men Cyclops impersonation at Jason. Then in round two she hesitates with her answer and it sure looked like she elected to get it wrong and let Jason be head-boy.

Fav Quote
Like Marcellas ever imagined he be telling a girl; "Put that drink down, take that dress off and get in bed."

Stick Girl talking to Jason about his new (rob thomas) look; "Very Greg Brady".

Josh talking to a salesman in a jewelry store looking at diamonds; "$36,000?? Ok, as soon as you guys have a 90% off sale, gimmi a call."

** Talking to Roddy's dad, he comments; "We fight to the end. And that's what my rod is gonna be doing!" Yeah, like we want to know what you're doing with your rod. sheesh.

"SEX"... Danielle’s answer to Stick Girl asking the gang what they miss from the outside world. (and yer dad's a minister...)

"He's the Devil, Lucifer, Satan. He must go." (guess who)

Most Memorable Moment
I really want to let Amy's unabashed, truly pathetic bawling be memorable but she was upstaged in my memory of the show by Mewwwwit. Psycho Josh's girlfriend. They (BB) gave us the most cheese-ball moment of the whole series... in the "excuse for calling Julie a reporter" segment, she brings us up-to-date on Josh and includes moments with Josh and Mewwwit shopping... shopping at Fredrick’s of Hollywood. She gets video face time standing there in this slinky negligee saying "Joshie... come and get it!". gag!

Best bit from the Live Feed Transcripts
No idea... no time for the live feeds this week.

Yo! Amy... quick, get in a twelve-step program would ya. I mean, do what ya like and enough of the other losers giving her a hard time about all the drinking, but wow... what a lush. Amy, at Stick Girl's prompting, comments that she regrets not saving the devil with her POV... I'm dying to see the live feed stuff and find out if she reneged on that.

Danielle is in her own version of heaven now that Roddy is gone. Julie tries to get the gang to talk about their feelings with Roddy gone and it turns into a chance for Jason, who's lips have now been successfully removed from Roddys sphincter, to blah blah blah about how wonderful Roddy is... Well, Dani is all making faces and mouthing "What-Evva" as Jason goes on...

Marcellas is one self-righteous little fuck. If he's not giving the lush a hard time about drinking, he's acting like a world class Poser. It'd be nice if he gets tossed next week.

So now that there are no men left in the house... I guess the "girls against the boys" theme is panning out.

Are we all sick of Jason yet? If he'd just grow a penis already we could maybe get a man in the house. He wins HoH and I just cannot be certain that Dani didn't throw the competition so she could continue to try and manipulate Jay... Now that the devil is gone, this could actually work.

Jason is Head-Boy. This leaves Amy, Marci, Lisa and Dani in the pool of possible noms. hmm. He loves Lisa and Dani so I figure he'll nominate Amy and Marci... (please please please).

BB is preempted by football on Saturday, and will not be shown on Wednesday due to the September 11th remembrance shows... So the next BB is on Thursday and it's a two hour show. They (BB) promise some big surprise... we'll see.

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