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BB3 Update!!

BB3 Update: The Billy Graham Episode

Lovely... just freaking lovely. The Devil shows his horns and I'm taping Billy Fucking Graham. (set my vcr for the wrong time). Billy Graham versus The Devil...hmm... maybe there was some divine intervention here!

So this "update" is being brought to you by virtue of the word-for-word show summary that I read at

Look, I'm feeling punchy to start with, let alone aggravated at missing a show, so forgive me in advance but this update is all about purging the demons!

In Brief
Just the facts... It's Veto / America's Choice night in the House That Sympathy Forgot. Amy wins the most pathetically slanted competition ever to gain the power of veto and, despite The Devil's best evil efforts, she does not use it. Roddy stays on the block with the Southern Lush.

America's Choice? The gang gets to have a 90 second go at robbing a Wall-Mart clothing rack and ultimately end up with more crappy clothes to wash.

There... done.

Some details?
Shit-for-brains-shifty-boy Roddy has hopefully cut his last deal! The house-mats are all feeling very much like Keneu Reeves from The Devils Advocate as they start comparing notes on the deals they have made with The Horned-one. His idea of a deal is to guilt you into talking trash about his enemies to anyone that will listen or cornering you into saying anything but "no" to one of his deals. The man is slime I tell you... slime!

It seems this show as all about letting us see behind the curtain that has been hiding Roddy's manipulating, devious, lying, scum bag personality...

The POV game was a deal with the house-mats balancing a veto icon on their heads and walking through an obstacle course. It was called "BB Charm School". Holy slanting-the-game-towards-Amy batman!!! She nails the course - of course - while everyone else struggles.

Fav Quote
"Now the world see's what we have on Live Feeds. He's a cad." This from a person that posts in the Live Feed transcriptions section of a web site speaking to the notion that the TV show has neglected to include all the shit that Roddy has his hands in favour of painting him up as an Adonis.

Most Memorable Moment
Well none actually... BECAUSE I MISSED THE SHOW.

Best bit from the Live Feed Transcripts
"What's a praline? A vegetable?" Lisa asks while talking to other house-mats about ice cream. Yeah, Lisa, it's a vegetable flavoured Ice Cream... She may be the current sweetheart on the show but I’ll bet ya she spends 10 minutes tugging on her nipples every time she faces a door with a "PULL" sign on it.

"Lisa says that she spent the 1st night with Roddy and didn't like it, then spent the next night with Eric. Lisa says that she felt like a whore." er... walks like a duck, talks like a duck...

Jason to Amy;
"What do you love me like?"
Amy to Jason;
"I love you as much as I love my fingernails."
Now, after seeing the marks on Roddy following the waterpolo games... I'm thinking she has a very special relationship with those nails...

Amy, having won the POV, is beset upon by The Dark Angel. He sits her down and totally fucks her up the ass, um, psychologically speaking. He wants her to veto his nomination and save his manipulating ass. So she asks him "will you promise to vote to save me on Thursday?" and what does he say? hmmm??? He says No. What a total moron. First of all, he's been lying through his bleached teeth all season... why the hell not lie now? Let alone... why not make and keep the promise. Tard! She, in a rare moment of mental clarity, decides at that moment that she will not use the POV.

She knows that if she saves him, the rest of the gang with vote to fry her big ass into the loser lounge for another interview with Stick Girl. When the veto meeting is held, she says "I will not sacrifice myself for absolutely nothing!"

He is not through with her. When she does not use it to save him, he goes freaking ballistic. He's in the Idiot Room calling her names and then tells her that she "takes advantage of kindness". He reduces her to tears in what seems to be a seriously cruel and inhuman moment of his true personality being finally revealed for the television audience.

Roddy has made so many one sided deals that the inevitable has finally happened... He is caught in the web of his own hypocrisy.

Tonight the gang will, most likely, fry Roddy. But then it's going to be about who gets the HoH. This is "down to the wire" time for the BB3 show. Survivor is looming and unless BB can start messing with their heads bigtime... it's going to get pretty boring.

I'm sorry about missing this... and sorry this update sucks ass...

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