Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


She plays so hard it almost hurts...
She pushes so much is makes you think.
Thinking like that is never a bad thing.
Wildly attractive, a smile to stop traffic,
and wedding pictures that made you just feel...
Feel the fun in the air that surrounded the happy couple.

Success... painted on her like a Masters effortless brush stroke.
Smart, discerning, fun loving, and relentless in her pursuit of just-not-taking-life-so-seriously.
(well, almost...)

Now she's probably hurting.
She's having an operation to bring her some comfort after a lifetime of unease.
A full recovery will take a good long while...
and I wanted to say, although she will not see this,
that she is in my thoughts.

May the doctors do it well.
I hope you have the very best care,
and recover completely.

Take care Stephanie
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