Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Lunchy randomness...

~ note: most unix varients refuse to be forgiving when substituting the letter O for the number 0. Please step into the time warp and restart this day.

~ mewsnack... I hope yer ok Sugar bits...

~ crack* is good. cold coffee is bad.

~ gigglecam is a delight. now what's your name... (slapping forehead and feeling ashamed...)

~ Andrea? how come you're so unbelievably great? huh? how come?

~ byron?? please go the drug store and buy a box of chocolates. :D

~ my friend eiffelgirl got robbed... and brother lemmi tell ya, that has just got to suck. My heart goes out to you sweets and I'm glad you weren't home and therefore were not hurt. Be well sweets.

* (choco espresso beans)

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