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You know, before Lj I could never type wednesday without making a mistake and the word friends was an enigma... as for all you spelling nazi’s out there... (LOL*)... I have only one thing to say .... Bad spellers of the world! Untie!"

clickity click to hear a goofy "morning audio (mp3) update". :D

~ gray ftl's
~ comfy white sox (and, yes, I need to break out of the white sox rut)
~ the beige jeans again... I like!
~ gray blue long sleeve... it's chilly out there...
~ on doing an "audio update!!"
~ backup strategy planning for oracle/remedy systems and finishing a Patrol 7 monitoring solution.
~ watching BB3 tonight remember it's Wednesday today!!
~ eating all the food I brought for lunch... kiwi, apples, yogurt, turkey sammich, raisin toast... well, it's still bread... but ... have toaster.. will toast.
~ talking to the little microphone on my web cam for a minute...
~ first and foremost ... my heartfelt and screaming peels of excited joy go out to ly (Lydia) for your wonderful news... and every single hopeful bone in my body is right beside you... (she's gonna glow... you just know it baby!)
~ to send out a special "good morning" and wishes for squishes (gag... sorry can't help it sometimes) to my friend simplyred... she's got an uncanny knack for formatting the heck out of her posts but she sure does deserve some special treatment in life... i just can't imagine how hard it is to walk in her shoes and I have to say she's a helluva woman for putting the ripped pages of her calendar behind her. Take care in all that you do Red and I hope that your days find time for love without end. :D
~ and a quick "welcome to your new home" to my pal notcharming... an Aussi that sets me on fire... ok, so I'm listening to elvis and that line just kinda came out..

Hey Grumpy Old Men Part 4 opened in Boston last night... oh wait... that was a Stones Tour. never mind...

* no really, I'm just kidding... I will always appreciate editorial input! :D
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