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Hi again... miss'ed ya.
I'm, once again, having a great day... (I also feel good when I listen to Vanessa Amerossi!!!!!!)

The BC (big contract) is sailing along and all the LC's (you work it out) are comming together. Gotta spend the rest of the day modifying project plans, making cool suit reports autogenerate.

Anybody remember some move with Micheal J. Fox playing a country boy that comes to the big city and makes good in some corp... he puts some time in at the mail room. Theres this one scene where the guy training him says "Ok, here's where the memo's come in, the white ones go to everybody, the pink ones go all the poeple on the first floor, and I just throw the blue ones out... those are just the suits talking to themselves and they don't count!" (I love that line)

They guys on my team are a scream! One takes kung-foo and rides a motorcycle, another is only comfy when he's on a boat in the middle of a lake wearing a derby shirt with 'fishing sponsor' crests or strapping huge road kill, that just happen to get that way 'cause he SHOT it, to the hood of his truck and another listens to disco while powering around go cart tracks... the last guy is the oldest. So much for geek steriotyping.

Meanwhile, I'm blasting Garbage into my headphones with a two inch action figure of American Maid on top of my monitor.

I love this job. (I'm such a terminally happy person that its basically a done deal that I'm going to get killed by falling space debris or some other equally improbable event.)

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