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killing time while a backup runs... no leave'en the office till it's all done!

so before I go... er... while I wait...

Happy Birthday Amanda!!!

Today is madelion's birthday... and fortunately, she's here to celebrate it.

My heart races when I think of all the wonderful things she has done for me and my family... most of it in the form of just simply caring about one another but hey... when my kiddies jones to bring the "Alamo guys" in the car or to the bath... I remember my lil'package from Amanda. :D

Sugar, it's my very sincere hope that this next year is a wonderful experience in finding a new you that is hopefully filled with the very lovable old you. I hope that you and Samantha are able to share excitement and that you feel the warmth of the loving spirits that I know surround you... (I know, because I feel mine in very good company...).

Have a great day... a great year... and I hope our friendship carries on to the next birthday so I can say all this again... and maybe congratulate on the wonderful year you are putting behind you.

Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday to you... Happy Birthday dear Amanda... Happy Birthday to you.

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