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I gotta say... I'm such a hand at this do-it-yerself-home-reno boy thing.
So far? 6 unique trips to Home Depot, including a "got the wrong size" goof and a "didn't get enough" goof.
Design? great on paper...
unfortunately it needs to be assembled inside the cold storage room - big thing, regular sized door.
Where's it at?
New'est member of the "project from hell" club is waiting for me to grow extra arms that are all Popeye like to hold 8 foot long 3/4 ply wood sheets in the air at 6 - count 'em 1,2,3,4,5,*!6!* different heights, simultaniously and then - keeping the ply wood in place, set a series of screws...

Oh, yea... it's gonna happen... just don't exactly know how yet.

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