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BB3 Update!!

BB3 Update: Captain Vanity runs amok!

A "first lady" becomes the "flirt lady", a plot queen begins to come-undone, secret weapon booby action, a complaining flamingo, cream pies, lost rings, nominations, sign language, a gun shot, and an unbelievably heartless diatribe by the only human in California that doesn't like nipples.
Just another day with the house-mats.

In Brief
Amy chants about how happy she is to be the "first lady" as she hangs off of Marci, the new head-girl. Marci, mind you, is all about slipping into super bitch mode and basically turns on his only friend in the house. Hormones get busy and the girls start working on messing with the boys heads - no not those heads, although they prol'y would if they could. They play water-polo with boobs and sharp nails, and we get to see Dani and Lisa discover they both know sign lingo.

The food comp is all about getting messy with a room full of cream pies and Amy gets way out of Marci’s happy place by losing her ring… twice. Marci nominates Amy and Roddy, although we had plenty of airtime leading us to Lisa and Jason. Marci goes pure fucking evil on the gang at the nomination table.

Some details?
They all pay tribute to Julie Chen's moment of evil when she mentions Amy's name first... (live sho) but then it's all about the Amy / Roddy thing. We get plenty of face time with Amy doing everything but blowing this guy and he is playing her to the nines... The other house-mats are complaining about her obvious flintiness with Roddy ... talk about a bunch of pots calling the kettle black... oh and speaking of black, Marci's Playground is sporting this really gross neck beard.

Danielle gives us another deep "Six down... and four to go!"

The food competition is all the house-mats in their bathing suits waiting by the back door expecting another backyard mess... and being surprised by a call into what used to be the High Rent District (HRD) bedroom - now closed due to dwindling numbers - to find it wall to wall plastic coated and filled with pies. They had to find these seven medallions (one for each day of the week) to earn food for that day. The medallions are in the pies. They win... and, of course, decide to go mental with the pies. Amy loses her ring... Dani finds it... Marci gets all bent about her being so high maintenance... but seriously, he's been on the rag all week. Now the kicker is that when they go outside to shower the pie gook off... she loses the ring again... and we get this nice moment of Marcellas-the-giant-suck storming off. Note: the live feeds report that both Amy and Roddy manage to "accidentally" drop their towels in the backyard doing full-frontal for the gang and cameras.

All that's left now is the noms...

Fav Quote
"We'd like to introduce you to our secret weapons...." This from Amy and Lisa in the Idiot Room, which concludes with the two of them sticking their boobs out.

"We see her running around without a bra on and see a lot more of her nipples." Like this is a bad thing... Marcellas says this as BB gives us footage of Amy trying to touch her elbows behind her back and over her head in a tight blue top while standing over Roddy. Say it with me "Marci, shut the fuck up you moron...” What other redeeming values does this show have if not the gratuitous, almost obnoxious posturing of these last few remaining players... and, just by-the-way, Mr. Can't-Walk-Past-A-Mirror-Without-Posing, who are you to talk?

"Jason is a hot guy." Signed by Dani to Amy over the heads of the other house-mats.

Most Memorable Moment
Has to be when Marci diss'es out Amy at the nomination table. He levels his noms at Roddy and Amy saying, "Roddy, I just can't trust you..." then goes all drama queen on Amy about how she's not playing the game very well. (Thinking back to his little "intervention" over her drinking-too-much, and acting like a lush.) Now, he may have had a nice message in there, but he obviously got caught up in the sound of his own voice and the drama of the moment, because he just went on and on... she tosses a free pass back to him early on with an "it's ok, it's just part of the game" comment that he totally turns on with a "NO, it's not the game... it's you." Then he goes on to tell the First Lady, the girl that has been on his arm and playing into his psychosis since day two of this show, that - paraphrase here - she sucks. She was very seriously laid low... Every other house-mat was all over feeling sorry for her and this will definitely backfire on Marci... no question.

Best bit from the Live Feed Transcripts
Ok, a couple of little things;
~ remember during the live show when Amy is asked is she has any parting words (before they tossed Gerry)... and she wishes a happy 7 month birthday to her dog Bucky? Here's Roddy at two in the morning talking to Lisa;
"I thought that it would be so cool to have a group of cool people and have a really great cool adventure. But, for a girl to say happy birthday to her dog's 7 month birthday... I just think we missed a point."
Now the point of this is that Roddy is all about giving Amy love but he really thinks she's a dip.
~ at 12:35 pm on Friday, August 30;
"BANG" "A bang is heard in the background..."
Danielle: "Is that shot?"
Jason: "That was the sound of them dealing with the intern who thought of this game today..."
ar ar ar...

Ok Danielle is little miss plots-a-lot and it's starting to fall down. She and Lisa both know American Sign Lingo and we get to see them playing with that... fucking amazingly useful thing in this game. She (Dani) is playing cards - a euphemism now for plotting - with Jason when Jason up and asks Marci to take over... why? So Dani can try working Marci a bit. Yup, she's all scheme'en away.

Lisa is morphing into someone I like... yea, call me fickle... whatever. She's still a skank muffin but she's a genuine skank muffin and it's nice to see her just playing the game and working the angles. She's going to make it to the final three... just you watch.

Amy? Could she be portrayed as a bigger tramp? I don't think so. What with the posing for Roddy and the constant high-school prom queen deal... she's like a white clone of Marcellas. She gets to be little miss love-a-lot by the others after Marcellas essentially tries to execute her at the nomination table so she's still in her happy place. She wants attention... and she's getting it.

Marcellas? you big freak... he's such a walking cliché... it's getting old. He is a slave to his own desire to embrace drama and he lets himself get carried away with it.

Roddy is one nasty bastard... that's for sure. He calls Amy on her "fist lady" thing pointing out how it makes the others feel more vulnerable... but, um... er... well seeing as you (Roddy) are the number one vulnerable boy on the show I guess so! He constantly lies to the others about what deals he has with who... not that there's anything wrong with that - it's part of the game - but then he goes on and on and on about how honest he is... blech.

Jason remains a total dick-wad. He may be a little teddy bear but he's TOTALLY USELESS.

Ok... So Marcellas put Amy and Roddy up?
Who votes?
Dani, Jason, Lisa.
Dani will vote to get rid of Roddy... so will Lisa. Only Jason remains an unknown. But now it's clearly all about the Power Of Veto. If one of the Nom's win it things will go haywire, from a plot point of view. I suspect that, in the absence of POV removing a nom, Roddy will go and that if it is used (POV) Marci will put Dani up.

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