Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Moooo... er... um... *cough/hack* Morning!

ok, that's it... It's official... I stay up way to freaking late. :)

We watched BB last night at around 10:30 and watched more of Godfather pt1 but did not finish again... 'cause it was like 2:something... Last clock I read on my way to bed said 2:55. Yuck... and Geo has me up at 8:30... which I artfully turn into 9:00 with some well placed suggestions about black paper, gel pens and the play room. (got him busy so I could stay in bed...) but alas, this only works for so long.

~ dk green haines bbs
~ whatever I pulled on ... um, big red sweat shirt and sweat pants...
~ to write a BB update... :D
~ yesterday was all about drawing pictures and wandering around home depot...
~ today the wood order will be ready to pick up (at 10:30) so I'll be a shelf building guy for a while... (It's shelves for out cold storage room).
~ of course, there will be pictures...
~ that my friend tassy has a safe trip to Colorado and that she finds a string that helps her follow her heart in a most enjoyable way.
~ for a warm kind of wonder to sneak into the heart of my far-away-friend dallandra ... way far away in Estonia... and that she find the chance to rebuild friendships that she misses....
~ and suzy-q (cute nick btw - thanks Tess)... serraph... don't let him make you cry... because he only want's you to feel a little love. :D

happy birthday Suzanne (serraph)

A most inspiring, intelligent, creative and mind numbingly adorable woman is having a birthday today... I hope you find your heart soaring today and maybe let him in enough to share some of the day? Whatever you decide, I truly hope that you have a wonderful year Suzanne and that you don't get electrocuted ... much... and that somehow you find the place you need that will wrap your heart in love. I just cannot tell you how glad I am that we are friends and how much I hope for your world to bring you all the happiness you can handle. Have a wonderful birthday.

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